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I recently came to Hope for a contact for a family member and thought I’d write a review on my experience there. The staff were very friendly and greeted me as soon as I walked in I felt very welcomed. The Information provided by the staff were very professional my whole time being there was very peaceful and the kids loved it. The staff member who was working with us, was very nice and friendly. The place is nice and clean and most importantly to me, was it was very child friendly. Will definitely recommend Hope. Thank you for helping me.

Mariah Z

The Hope Centre in Ilford, Essex has without a doubt been very important to helping our family spend time with each other in a safe, clean and professional environment. The Hope Centre has been improving by employing more staff, purchasing new equipment and increasing availability. The communication by email, phone and text before I had even attended a session, has been outstanding. For 2 years, I have always been able to get in contact with staff on the same day. The staff are friendly, honest and most importantly, are trustworthy. The staff are very professional and have provided detailed, fair, accurate reports. The support, understanding and availability has been first class. I would recommend the Hope centre very highly to both mothers and fathers. Free car parking in a busy area with a concierge service has been very helpful. This review is based on 2 years of experience with the Hope Centre as a client. I would recommend them very highly.

Ravinder J

I can honestly say this place is perfect for my little one. As soon as we walked in we felt welcomed. Place was clean and spotless. Lots of activities for the little ones and the location is well situated in the town centre. I would highly recommend this place to others.

Mohsin A

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